Listening to the vine... The philosophy of the estate is centred on the quality of the grapes, in order to create wines with an intense concentration and finesse. These exceptional wines result from the richness of the terroir, a favourable climate, ideal exposure to the sun, as well as specific expertise. The manual harvest, which is used for only 1% of the vines in the Nantes area, allow us to obtain a consistent quality and leave nothing to chance.
For more than five generations now, the vine-growing estate Château du Bois-Huaut has been the property of the Brin family, then the Lussaud family and today, the Duret family (part of the same genealogical line). This family estate went quickly from a small farm, that carried out mixed farming, to specialising in growing vines and direct sales from 1984 on the arrival of Stéphane. During these years, the estate has expanded and broadened its vine population to achieve a surface area of 24 hectares with 14 different varieties.
In 2016, Luis Duret arrived on the estate and brought his personal touch, completely modernising the tasting cellar. More welcoming, visitors are now able to taste their picks from our wide range of wines, in new, comfortable, hospitable conditions.
The 24 hectares of Château du Bois-Huaut extend over three communes: Gorges, Mouzillon and Clisson, with grouped plots around the site and three islands of very different soils:
- In Clisson, the soil is clay with a large presence of flint and the bedrock is
- In Gorges, (immediately around Château du Bois-Huaut), the soils are siliceous clay
with granite and mica schist (clay bedrock) veins on a soil whose bedrock
is gabbro.
- In Mouzillon, soils are clay-loam with a gabbro bedrock.

Our wines

Come and explore thhe wines of the Loire! The Domaine du Château Huaut offers a box comprising original white, red and rosé wines.<br/> You'll find two characterful Mascadet Sèvre et Maine, a white Pinot Gris,  a 100% Pinot Noir red, a rosé based on Gamay and a very aromatic Muscat petit grains.The perfect box to accompany an entire meal!

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