Château des Bouhets

Château des Bouhets

The Château des Bouhets is located near the Gironde region, on the village of Les Lèves and Thoumeyragues really close from the bastide de Sainte-Foy la Grande.
It is in 2013 that Grégoire takes over the estate with the help of his wife Alison. The property is owned by the family in 1932. He therefore became the fourth generation by taking the estate over after his father Jean-Michel Basset.
The Château des Bouhets is a location full of history as the wine is vinified in an ancient protestant temple built in 1827 under the commands of Charles X, King of France.

The vineyard of 36 hectares benefits from a unique terroir made of hillsides with an exposure to the South, South East giving the cuvées all its typicality and the terroir’s character.
Mindful of the environment, Grégoire Basset works on his vines with the most respect for the nature, it now does everything in his power to start an organic conversion.

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château des bouhets


2018 - 75 cl

AOC Bordeaux


8,30 €

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