Château D'Arricaud

Château D'Arricaud

A beautiful history
The origin of this estate is very old and how it looks today is due to the Count Joachim de Chalup, a member of the Bordeaux noble families. He entered the Mousquetaires Gris (Musketeers of the Guard) in 1772, became advisor to the King in 1783, and then President of the Bordeaux Parliament. Freed after being incarcerated in Cadillac during the Reign of Terror, he was the first President of the Anger Royal Court under the Restoration. From this time, the estate was looked after and developed, with high-quality varieties. For three generations, the Bouyx-Trénit family, very attached to this terroir and its history, worked to develop and add value to this vineyard. When she took the reins, Isabelle Labarthe continued to pursue the same objectives with the same passion.
An Exceptional Location: Facing the Château d'Yquem
From the well-located Château d’Arricaud, a superb panorama over the Garonne hills can be seen, right up to the nearby Sauternes, providing a wonderful view over the valley, and also the best sun exposure to be found in the Gironde region. The eastern-facing vines, sheltered from the dominant winds, ensure good flowering and excellent grape ripening.
A Quality Terroir
The Château d’Arricaud vineyard is made up of 23 contiguous hectares. Its position on a rounded hilltop means it has a variety of different natural geological terrain. Thus, the highest part has a gravel covering, typical of a clay layer; the hillside cuts into the old terraces and is mostly made up of "terreforts" (the clay-limestone soil typical of the area); at the bottom of the hillside are the red sandy-clay soils of the "Calcaire à Asteries". This high-quality terroir is particularly favourable for growing vines.
The Vineyard and the Grape Varieties
The vine population takes into account the diversity of the terroir, in order to obtain the best from it. These factors give the wines elegant, rich, aromatic qualities that are so characteristic of Château d'Arricaud.
Red wines: Merlot (58%) provides roundness and suppleness with very ripe tannins and red-fruit aromas (strawberries, raspberries, Morello cherries); Cabernet-sauvignon (40%) provides structure and red fruit aromas (blackcurrant, raspberries, blackberries) with hints of pepper and liquorice. Petit-Verdot (2%)
The dry white wines: Sémillon (70%) with aromas of white flowers, peaches, providing fatty qualities, as well as roundness and finesse. Sauvignon (20%) with exotic fruit, citrus fruit and spicy aromas, it provides freshness and liveliness; Muscadelle (10%) with fragrances of muscat, quince and yellow plum, it develops the aromatic palette.
The white wines with liquorice aromas come from the same varieties. The grapes are harvested when they are over-ripe by successive selections, when the grapes have been attacked by Botrytis cinerea or “noble rot”.

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