How do you open a bottle of wine like a pro?

Opening a bottle of wine is as easy as one, two, three! You simply need three accessories: the glass, the bottle, and obviously, the sommelier knife. This last item has three parts: the serrated knife, the double-hinge lever and the corkscrew.

First and foremost, place your bottle on a flat and well balanced surface, pointing the label towards your friends, who you are entertaining, or towards your audience, if you are doing a demonstration.Firstly, take your serrated knife to open the foil covering the cork stopper. Remove it completely. When this is done, you will see the top part of the cork stopper. 

Take the corkscrew and place the tip in the centre of the cork, and start to turn. When you reach the first hinge, place the first hinge of the lever on the side of the bottle neck and lift slightly, until you reach the second hinge.

Lift a second time to remove three-quarters of the cork stopper. To avoid breaking the cork stopper, take it completely in your hand and pull slightly... and job done. You can now tackle the most enjoyable and interesting part: the tasting!