What should you drink with couscous?

An iconic dish of traditional Moroccan cuisine, couscous is exceptionally fragrant and spicy. But what wine should you drink with this culinary speciality?

1) With traditional couscous 

Semolina, meat, vegetables, spices, etc. The composition of couscous is so rich that matching it with just one single wine can quickly become complicated. Particularly as there are so many different variations of couscous. So here we are using the traditional recipe: coucous using three meats, usually beef, chicken and mutton. Semolina is quite bland, so you need to focus more on the meat and spices. A fruity and spicy red wine with silky tannins is the ideal compromise to balance the spiciness and sweeten the palate whilst being perfectly suited to the tender texture of the meat. Choose a Côtes de Provence or a Corbières (Languedoc). If you prefer rosé wines, then go for a Clairet (Bordeaux).

2) With couscous with fish

Couscous with fish is also a popular recipe. You need to opt for a white wine with mineral aromas for this dish to evoke the iodine taste of the fish, and with the creamy structure to maintain aromatic persistence with the texture of the semolina and vegetables. So go for a dry (not sweet) white wine from the South of France, such as a Côtes du Roussillon Villages or Corsican appellation

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