How do you avoid red wine stains on your lips and teeth?

Red wine always goes down well, especially at a party. As an aperatif accompanied with a cheese or charcuterie board… it is the conviviality wine par excellence.

The problem with red wine is that it is really obviously when you drink it. In fact, who has never been in a situation with nasty stains on their lips and teeth? Here are a few ways to avoid having to go to the toilets every 5 minutes to check the state of your mouth and so that you can flirt without being deprived of your glass of wine (sometimes vital in this type of situation).

Stay away from "big reds that stain" 

If you have the privilege of selecting the wine from the menu, you need to know a perfect tip to limit the risks of repulsive purple lips and black teeth: choose a wine low in tannins. Because the tannin, i.e. the substance found in grape skin, in fact is reponsible for discolouring your teeth. Choosing a light and fruity wine, such as a Loire or Beaujolais Gamay or a Burgundy Pinot Noir is therefore a safe bet. If in doubt and you are at the restaurant, feel free to ask the sommelier to serve this type of wine. If you buy your win from a wine merchant or on the internet, you will usually have all information regarding the wine's structure and tannin content. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you can't make up your mind on which wine to choose, please read the rest of this article!

Lip balm is your best friend 

Such a simple thing that you don't necessarily think about before a boozy night out: staying hydrated. Not only is this tip essential for avoiding the famous "hangover" the next day, it also applies to your lips. So always try to remember to have lip balm in your pocket and think about applying it to your lips at least three times throughout the evening: before, during and after drinking. This should seriously limit the risks of seeing those horrible little purple crusty wine stains around your lips.

What about your teeth? 

Lip balm is great but doesn't solve the problem of teeth. And it must be said that red stains on white is not really very sexy either, it's even worse! So again you need to have the right reflex: drink water before and after. If that doesn't work well enough, try a slice of lemon or sipping sparkling water. You can also rub your teeth with sugar (or honey if you are at home) diluted with a little water. Ultimately, to avoid any risk of persistent stains the next day, remember to brush your teeth before going to bed.

If despite all of these tips, red wine continues to give you red-wine mouth, then perhaps it would be wiser to switch to white wine. Or, you could also try Wine Wipes, American wipes designed specifically for removing wine stains from lips and teeth…